Massachusetts Hospital Quality & Patient Safety Issue Brief Series

INQRI grantees Pat Noga and Barry Kitch led a project which evaluated the experiences of hospitals in two states that had mandated the implementation of the National Quality Forum's Nursing-Sensitive Measures. The team found that reaching agreement on the measures was a substantial and lengthy undertaking, and that while hospital leaders believed that public reporting of nurse sensitive measures was likely to have a positive impact both on the quality of nursing care and patient outcomes, they also found the initiatives to be burdensome. However, in both states, most believed that a public mandatory program would work best to improve quality of nursing care.

Since completion of their study in 2008, the team has continued to educate stakeholders, mainly by creating issue briefs for their member audiences, such as the Massachusetts Hospital Association and the Organization of Nurse Leaders of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and legislators.

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Acute Care
Quality Measures