INQRI Medical Care Supplement Now Available

March 18, 2013
Medical Care

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI) program in 2005 to generate, disseminate, and translate research to understand how nurses contribute to and can improve patient care quality. The impact of this initiative far exceeded expectations, and provided valuable information not only on nursing practice, but also shed light on the best ways to conduct interdisciplinary research, including translational and implementation research.

This special supplement to Medical Care provides an overview of the program's strategy, goals, and impact -- highlighting cross-cutting issues addressed by the initiative. It includes six articles by INQRI leaders and select grantees that examine and discuss INQRI's contributions to: advances in the science of nursing's contribution to quality, measurement of quality, interdisciplinary collaboration, implementation methodology, dissemination and translation of findings, and the business case for nursing. These articles, in combination with this book highlighting INQRI research, show how the program has been successful in its goals to establish causal linkages between nursing care and patient outcomes, uncover drivers of better nursing care, and highlight the environmental changes necessary to support nursing's effort to improve patient care and outcomes.

The Medical Care articles are:

• "Linkages between Nursing and the Quality of Patient Care: A Two Year Comparison," Mary Naylor, PhD; Ellen Volpe, PhD; Adam Lustig, MSc; Heather Kelley, MA; Lori Melichar, PhD; Mark Pauly, PhD

• "Measuring Nurses' Impact on Health Care Quality: Progress, Challenges and Future Directions," Susan L. Beck PhD APRN, AOCN®; FAAN, Marianne E. Weiss, DNSc, RN; Nancy Ryan-Wenger, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN; Nancy E. Donaldson, DNSc, RN, FAAN; Carolyn Aydin PhD; Gail L. Towsley PhD; William Gardner PhD

• "Facilitators and Challenges to Conducting Interdisciplinary Research," Cynthia Corbett, PhD; Linda Costa, PhD; Michele Balas, PhD; William Burke, MD; E. Robert Feroli, PharmD; Kenn Daratha, PhD

• "Dissemination and Implementation: INQRI's Potential Impact," Marita Titler, PhD, RN, FAAN; Deleise Wilson, PhD, RN; Barbara Resnick, PhD, CNRP, FAAN; Leah Shever, PhD, RN

• "Methodology Issues in Implementation Science," Robin P Newhouse, PhD; Kathleen Bobay, PhD; Patricia C Dykes, DNSc; Kathleen R Stevens, EdD; Marita Titler, PhD

• "What Can We Learn from the Existing Evidence of the Business Case for Investments in Nursing Care: Importance of Content, Context, and Policy Environment," Olga Yakusheva, PhD; Douglas Wholey, PhD; Kevin Frick, PhD