Multidisciplinary Organization and Outcomes for Chronic Heart Failure Patients in the VA

This research team tested a theory of the effect of nurse-physician co-leadership, the effective modeling by nurses and physicians of individual role behaviors and a strong shared inter-professional relationship, in chronic heart failure (CHF) care groups in Veterans Health Administration (VHA) medical centers. The outcomes were waste in care processes, patient outcomes of receiving dietary and medication instructions at discharge, adult smoking cessation advice/counseling, and readmissions and provider outcomes of nurse burnout and CHF knowledge. The unit of analysis was patients and providers nested in VHA CHF care groups. The project had an observational design, with patient outcomes being followed for a year after a survey of CHF care groups. The project was co-led by Douglas Wholey, PhD, MBA, a scholar with a background in Mathematics, General Management and Organizational Behavior/Industrial Relations, and Joanne Disch, PhD, RN, a nurse scholar.

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Interprofessional collaboration (R2)
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Dr. Joanne Disch