Implementation and Dissemination of an Interdisciplinary Nurse-Led Plan to Manage Delirium in Critically Ill Adults

Fully two-thirds of intensive care unit patients develop delirium, which is associated with longer stays, billions of dollars in costs globally, and three-fold excess mortality at six months. Over one-half of intensive care unit survivors suffer a functionally debilitating dementia-like illness, which appears related to delirium duration. The main goal of this project was to implement, analyze and disseminate an evidence-based, nurse-led, inter-professional, multi-component program focused on improving the care and outcomes of critically ill adults. The study focused on applying a program of delirium screening, prevention and treatment developed at Vanderbilt University. This interdisciplinary team was led by Michele Balas, PhD and William Burke, MD.

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Interprofessional collaboration (R2)
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