The INQRI program supports research teams that apply diverse perspectives and methodological techniques to answer questions without sacrificing the relevance and insights provided by clinicians. To accomplish these joint goals, INQRI requires interdisciplinary research teams for all projects. INQRI teams have included pharmacists, engineers, social workers and physicians, as well as scholars from many other disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach was extended also to the group of stakeholders selected to advise INQRI grantees and program leaders.

In 2006, the first round of INQRI-funded interdisciplinary grantees began their research studies. These nine projects covered three major areas:

  1. Investigating the link between the work of nurses and the quality of care provided in hospitals
  2. Producing and validating measures that capture nurses' contributions to quality care in hospitals
  3. Evaluating the impact of innovative nurse-led initiatives on patient outcomes.

Each subsequent year and with each round of grantees, INQRI sought to build upon the body of research initiated by the first cohorts’ work. Additionally, the program moved away from its initial exclusive interest in acute care settings to consider projects that cut across health care settings.

Group Discussion - INQRI Annual Meeting