Medication Management Convening: Improving Practice through Methodology, Measurement, and Technology

On November 27-28, 2007, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF) sponsored, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), a convening focused on accelerating progress toward eliminating harm from medication errors for U.S. patients. This event was organized by the INQRI program and featured the presentation of research findings from two GBMF grantees, the discussion of newly planned work presented by two RWJF grantees, and a rich discussion with stakeholders regarding nurses' ability to prevent and intercept medication errors.  Linda Cronenwett kicked off the meeting as the keynote speaker on November 27. Dr. Cronenwett, who was the co-chair of IOM’s Identifying and Preventing Medication Errors committee, conveyed remarks intended to help grantees see the importance of this work in the bigger picture.

Two years following this convening, INQRI hosted a series of webinars which looked at the advances in the field made since 2007. Presenters included all of the grantees who discussed their work during the convening, as well as stakeholder guests.

Convening Agenda