INQRI Annual Meetings

Brought together once a year from 2006 through 2011, INQRI researchers shared methods, findings and new research questions that arose in the course of their studies. Their colleagues, the National Advisory Committee, and invited guests—including leaders and experts in health care and other fields —provided feedback, advice and encouragement to enhance their work. At the meetings and in other settings, these diverse and important stakeholders also helped the research teams develop key messages to effectively share what was learned.

During our first meeting, INQRI's newly selected first cohort gathered to hear remarks from RWJF chief of staff Calvin Bland on "what's at stake" for INQRI research.  They also heard NAC member Mark Kelley discuss the importance of uncovering and communicating the causal link between nursing and quality.

In 2007, we were joined by the members of our second cohort and we welcomed keynote speaker David Blumenthal for his presentation, "Is Nursing Ready to Tip?"  Sue Hassmiller, David Colby and John Lumpkin entertained the group with "Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about RWJF." Finally, NAC member Randall Krakauer, Jennie Chin Hansen and Ronda Hughes led a discussion about how researchers could attract attention to their work.

Our third meeting was an INQRI milestone because not only did we have three cohorts together for the first time, but we also had our first crop of findings from Cohort One. We had two impressive keynote addresses that year.  David Mechanic presented on "Promoting Quality through Research Impact: Challenges, Missed Opportunities and Potential for Nursing Research" and Arnold Milstein added a human connection to our work with his session "Shaping Nursing Roles & Research for the Dorsett Family."

In 2009, we said goodbye to the first cohort of grantees and welcomed Cohort Four.  Our keynote speaker, Bob Brook, provided a fascinating take on the state of nursing with his presentation, "Disruption." We heard updates on the National Quality Forum and learned about RWJF's then new work with the Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the IOM.  During the meeting, we also experimented with a variety of media tools in the hopes of reaching out to others interested in nursing and quality. It was during this meeting that we launched INQRI's Twitter account. 

For our fifth annual meeting, we welcomed Cohort Five and said goodbye to Cohort Two.  Kevin Volpp gave an inspiring keynote presentation entitled, "Applying Behavioral Economics to Health Care Delivery." INQRI NAC members Linda Aiken and Beth McGlynn were joined by Maryjoan Ladden and Andy Hyman for a panel discussion on health reform (chaired by journalist Nancy Shute). INQRI co-director Mark Pauly chaired a discussion on interdisciplinary collaboration featuring INQRI grantees Carolyn Aydin and Stephen M. Setter. Gretchen Wright from PR Solutions presented two sessions: one on lessons learned from use of social media and one on translating research into policy.

Our sixth annual meeting was our last with our traditional format of gathering in Princeton at the Foundation to hear project updates and the presentation of findings from INQRI grantees.  Bruce Vladeck joined us for his keynote address, “The Vision Thing: Doing Research and Changing the World.”  In addition, we heard from Gareth Parry on quality improvement and evaluation and Susan Dentzer advised our grantees on developing messages for their research.

Over the years, we have created videos from our meetings to share via our YouTube channel and blog.  These videos are a great way to look back at some of the amazing sessions from INQRI's events.