The benefits and challenges of multisite studies: Lessons learned

As nurses increasingly recognize the need to base their practice on evidence, the critical importance of evidence-generating research is, likewise, becoming progressively apparent. Yet investigations producing findings that would inform evidence-based practice and policies must overcome the limitations of the small, underpowered, and nongeneralizable studies that have characterized much of nursing research in past years. Multisite research projects are one option by which some of the traditional limitations of nursing research can be overcome. These studies offer nursing the opportunity to produce meaningful evidence garnered from broad samples and differing practice conditions. In addition to the benefits, however, multisite studies present unique challenges and difficulties that nurses must be prepared to overcome. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to review some of the benefits and challenges of multisite studies and to describe the lessons learned thus far from a nurse-led, multisite study currently being conducted in a mid-Atlantic state.


Flynn, L. (2009). The benefits and challenges of multisite studies: Lessons learned. AACN Advanced Critical Care, 20(4), 388-391.

Dr. Linda Flynn
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