Advancing oncology nursing science: Focus on nursing sensitive patient outcomes (book chapter)

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This new title provides a strong state-of-the-art assessment for cancer nursing research. Oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals will also be able to utilize this text as a foundation for developing future research directions and to break down the science for dissemination and use in everyday practice.

Advancing Oncology Nursing Sciencealso makes a significant contribution to the evidence-based-practice (EBP) agenda, synthesizng information on bodies of substantiated science that can be translated into clinical practice and health policy.

Sections include foundations and priorities of oncology nursing science; advancing oncology nursing science; leading causes of cancer; current and emerging issues in oncology research; and research training and education. Also included is a section detailing selected resources for advancing oncology nursing science.

From practitioners to nurse investigators, from faculty to graduate students, all manner of health professionals will want to add this title to their nursing library.


Beck, SL, Pierotti, D. Somayaji, D. (2009) Advancing oncology nursing science: Focus on nursing sensitive patient outcomes. In J.M. Phillips & C. R King (Eds). Advancing Oncology Nursing Science. pp. 371-390 Pittsburgh, PA. ONS Press. published, 2009.

Dr. Susan Beck
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